Study Centre of Pärnu Oldtown School, Estonia

Dear friends,

Here is a small description of our work at Study Centre. I hope it is possible to use in blog.
See you soon,

Malle Shalda

The Study Centre of Pärnu Oldtown School, Estonia

The Study Centre of Pärnu Oldtown School was founded three and a half years ago. 

The purpose of the centre is to help the students of Pärnu and Pärnu county who have faced serious difficulties in their studies at ordinary school. Our Study Centre supports them in the process to come back to normal schoollife. The teachers do a lot in order to raise the students’ self - esteem, motivation and create a good atmosphere for successful study process.

The problems our students have met are very different, starting with social problems and finishing with different syndroms - autism, aspergers.

We started with four students, but now there are 24 students at our Study Centre. All the students need individual treatment and approach, friendly and supporting attitude, interesting and effective study process.

The most important achievement of our teachers’ team is that all of our students like to come to school and they do not miss the school without serious reasons.

The students feel themselves at school almost as at home. They study in small groups (from two up to four students in the group), in breaks they can have a cup of tea, a slice of bread, they can play basketball or football at the sporthall or have a nice talk with their teachers or fellow students. Our classrooms are small and cosy. The atmosphere of the centre supports the positive development of our students.

Most families of the students do not have sufficient economy to pay for their hobbies and entertainment, therefore we are eager to organise them free trips, nice entertainments in SPAs and other events as much as possible. We visit theatre performances, different exhibitions and museums. It has become a part of our study process.

Our purpose is to give our students more self-confidence and make their life warmer, friendlier and  happier. We all like our job very much.