Welcome to the Urban Solutions Website!


This site is a work-in-progress collaborative site for the Salto Youth "Urban Solutions Seminar" - an exploration of the social challenges in urban areas and how to overcome those.

by 'collaborative site' we mean that it is being put together by the attendees, facilitators and the social media team of Steve and Ben (this is Steve writing this). 

If you're going to be there, you're invited to start posting now - thoughts on the situation where you are, useful resources, your hopes for the seminar itself, an introduction to your work. Anything that will help us all to 'hit the ground running' when we meet up in Birmingham in a few days time. You'll have had an email outlining how the social media side of things works, and how to submit to this blog (if in doubt, just send your post to urbansolutions@posterous.com and the subject line will become the title, with any photos you attach being automatically embedded without you needing any web programming skills. 

If you're a twitterer, the hashtag is #UrbSol - please use it, and hopefully we'll all get way more out of the seminar thanks to these deeper connections. 

Got any questions? Stick 'em in the comments below.